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Threshold Residential Services Incorporates Remote Monitoring Technology

Nov 21, 2022

Threshold Residential Services is proud to announce that they are incorporating remote monitoring technology into their homes. This new technology not only allows clients to move out of group housing and allows them to live more independently.

Remote Monitoring is an innovative way for Direct Support Professionals to provide care and monitoring from an off-site location. By installing a series of monitors, cameras, and communication devices, homes can be monitored in real time to ensure an individual is safe while they live a more independent life. Remote Monitoring sites can be equipped with several types of sensors and devices, such as fall sensors, stove monitors, or automatic pill dispensers that all support the individual to live the life they envision.

In addition to its five remote supported locations, Threshold has a Remote Monitoring Center where a team of Remote Support Professionals are staffed 24/7/365 to ensure that the individuals are not only safe in their homes but have a friendly face on the other end of the line.

This attracted the attention of Kim Hauck, Director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, who was thrilled to see people like Jamie being given the opportunity to live more independently. Ohio is Technology First State and with the help of people like Hauck, has made a pledge to consider Remote Supports as the first option for providing care to an individual and Threshold is proud to be a provider of this service.

“Our local partners are implementing the Technology First initiative in many unique ways across the state,” Director Hauck said. “We appreciate the creativity places like Threshold Residential Services are displaying to allow for people with developmental disabilities to enjoy inclusion and integration in communities.”

Jamie Gordon, 15-year TRS client and most recent resident to move into one of the remote monitoring apartments was excited about seeing Threshold’s services expand and was excited to move out of a group home and into an independent apartment he can call his own. This allows Jamie to rely on remote support rather than having staff in his home on a regular basis. “I love living by myself, I have peace and quiet,” he says. He appreciates the remote staff and is grateful for the opportunity.

Starting January 1, 2023, new clients will have the opportunity to move into these apartments and housing communities. We believe that with this new technology, our clients will be able to continue advancing their lives to be more independent and self fulfilling.


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