Our Homes

Licensed residential facilities.

We own and operate nine Licensed Residential Facilities (LRFs) all throughout Columbiana County. All of our LRFs are four-bedroom homes and blend in with any neighborhood. Our goal is to provide community-integrated residential services in the least intrusive manner and we take pride in supporting our residents in making their house a home. Our homes are all equipped with cable, phone, internet and can all be modified to meet an individual’s accessibility needs through Waiver Home-Modification services.

All LRFs meet licensure standards established by the State of Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Supported Living

We are a proud provider of Supported Living services where individuals can receive services from our trained staff directly in the home that the client owns or rents. Whether it’s living with parents, sharing a house with roommates, or in their own apartment, we can meet the needs of any individual.


We utilize Remote Support technology in 6 of its residential locations to support the independence of individuals served while keeping a person’s health and safety at the forefront of the Service Plan. Remote Supports can be used in place of or in conjunction with onsite staff and uses integrated whole-home technology to make an individual’s home a safe space. Two-way face-to-face tablets, door sensors, security cameras, fall sensors, automatic medication reminders, and kitchen appliance emergency shut-offs are just some examples of how we can support our individuals with cutting-edge Remote Support technology.


Threshold Career Opportunities

Location: OH | Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Our Direct Support Professionals serve individuals with developmental disabilities to live a community-based life. Employees in this position display compassion and empathy while assisting individuals to complete daily tasks. Responsibilities will include but are not...